Anatomy of The Muscle

Education is one of the most amazing gifts that has been bestowed upon us sense birth. If you are getting into fitness, or have experience in the field, I believe it is important to truly have an understanding in the area. This is an article explaining the anatomy of the muscle from the molecular level. Learn something new today.

Compound vs Isolation Exercises

A short read, explaining the differences between compound exercises, and isolation exercises and the benefits that come with them.

Rest Between Sets

A short read, explaining when you should be taking long or short resting durations between lifts, with respect to specific resistance training techniques..

A How To: 6 Pack & V-line

Who wants a 6 pack? You want a 6 pack?! Read about how one should go about making this dream happen, and take the first step into your aesthetics.

Aerobic vs. Anaerobic Exercise

An article explaining to you the basic physiology of your body as it metabolises glucose for energy in different ways due to different training techniques, and how they affect you.

Eccentric, Concentric, & Isometric Exercise

An advanced article explaining to you what, and how the three types of muscle contractions affect muscular hypertrophy, and which ones you should be doing to optimize muscle growth.